Cardtronics UK & CashDash Launch Global Currency Exchange and Cardless Withdrawals at Cashzone ATMs

In a late spring blog post, we talked about the future value of the cash machine being increasingly focused on how well it can help consumers perform digital-to-cash and cash-to-digital transactions.

One such transaction became a reality this month when Cardtronics UK and CashDash, a provider of multi-currency digital wallet technology, launched the integration of cardless cash withdrawal technology and first-of-its-kind foreign exchange functionality at 1,000 of our Cashzone ATMs in London.

How It Works 

CashDash offers an app that transforms a smartphone into a virtual foreign currency exchange booth and a multi-currency digital wallet – providing travelers with fast, easy global currency exchange at attractive rates, along with fee-free, cardless ATM cash access.

The CashDash foreign currency exchange service is immediately available to travelers destined for London, with free cardless ATM cash access to British pounds available at 1,000 Cashzone ATMs.

 How to buy cash with CashDash

  • Open the CashDash smartphone app.
  • Tap Cash2Go.
  • Enter the amount you wish to buy.
  • Select the desired currency.
  • Tap Continue.
  • Make sure that all the details entered are correct. 
  • If you have yet to add a payment method, load up your card at this point by tapping Payment Method.
  • Tap Order Now.

 How to withdraw cash with CashDash

  • Open the CashDash app on your mobile device
  • Locate a nearby CashDash ATM (tapping the search button will allow you to locate nearby ATMs, and you may even use in-app navigation). 
  •  Tap ATM Access on the navigation bar on the app's main screen
  •  At the ATM, enter your phone number, as registered on CashDash (your number is indicated on the mobile app screen)
  • Enter the passcode as presented in the CashDash app.
  • Select the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Pick up the cash from the ATM.

Merging the Digital and Analog Worlds 

In addition to CashDash being a first-of-its-kind foreign currency exchange service, Cardtronics UK has achieved the milestone of introducing the first cardless cash access functionality to the UK market via independent ATMs – specifically at 1,000 of our Cashzone ATMs located in some of the most convenient and popular locations around London.

Our collaboration with a fintech startup like CashDash is a great example of how Cardtronics will continue to work with innovative banking and payments companies. By leveraging our established ATM cash access network and infrastructure, leading-edge technology companies can enable their customers to more easily convert their money from digital-to-cash and cash-to-digital in a world where digital and analog are increasingly intertwined.

Committed to enabling new technologies in providing cash access, our collaboration with CashDash is just one more way Cardtronics UK is bringing more digitally focused, self-service strategies to the UK.

Brad Nolan

EVP and Managing Director, Global Product & Marketing 

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